An application store for
Internet of Things.

a simple way to install and create applications on all smart things.

Funstore makes it ridiculously easy for people to start using Internet of things devices, services and platforms. It enables them to quickly install, or create, or share applications on all smart things.

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Quickly onboard your IoT platforms, boards and services and start using and building IoT applications. Let Smart devices you make talk to devices you already own or buy in the future and connect them to the web services you love.

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Intelligent And Endlessly Extendible

The application store is built on the cloud-architecture which is extendable to millions of connected devices. Conditional, machine learning or artificial intelligence engines can be applied to add intelligence and allow autonomous decision making.

Maker And Developer Friendly

Create automation rules using any devices or services you like, whether it's for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Intel Edison, Beaglebone Black, REST/pubsub API's or a custom protocol. Use our simple IoT Toolkit for easy integration, automation and testing. Funstore supports numerous languages and frameworks including C++, Python, Node.js, PHP, Wolfram language, visual programming and many more.

Not interested in writing code, no problem, we wrote the code for you

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to start using Internet of things. Just click install on your favourite applications with smart things and your good to go without writing any code.

Apps for everything and every occassion

The funstore works with all platforms and services. Use funstore on mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC & connect with Ubuntu core, Raspbian, Ubilinux, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Intel Edison, Beaglebone Black and much more.